Only a new Harmonized Timeline of history, correcting and bringing together science, religion and mythology”. could have ever exposed this highly regular, well-crafted Timetable of Religions.

Its principal aim was to subtly tweak each religion, as its turn in the Timetable arrives, such as to bring conflict between them.

Control the Center.  Divide and Rule.

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307 pages

The pages herein are in fact a compression of a much larger 1300-page work entitled A New Harmonized Biblical-Secular History, that the Author chose  not publish in quite that form.

The Lord’s Secret Timetable focuses mainly on the secret Timetable of Religions and contains all the essential data for a very good understanding of this device. The Timetable is the heart of everything. There are 307 pages of text and, for ease of navigation, 220 more devoted to relevant biblical verses linked from the text, plus the back page.


Most commentaries on religion reflect bias on the part of the writer, whether that author is atheist, agnostic, Judaic, Judeo-Christian, Islamic or Baha’i, or any other outlook.

Such authors use only selected info, bending the data to suit a particular purpose as they sell their religion or outlook. In The Lord’s Secret Timetable, the Author uses only a wide-scope integration of facts to arrive at truth (i.e. no “viewpoint selling” or preaching, or fear or favor…only self-evident facts).


Discovering something of the magnitude of a Secret Timetable of religions could have easily led the Author to adopt a dismissive, pedantic tone when writing about the affected religions.

However, he keeps a civil tone throughout…even when showing truth-seekers the murky roots of their religion—where such apply. He sensitively hand-holds the reader, gently guiding them to where real answers lie. In fact The Lord’s Secret Timetable aims to show rather than preach or persuade.

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AUTHOR: It ‘s most  frustrating to put in 12 years of sacrifice and hard work only for certain people to then avail limitless illegal copies  on the internet. 

It’s all about finding common ground.