L.M. Leteane

Author of The Lord’s Secret Timetable

Full names:                    Letlhogonolo Mark Leteane

Date born:                      March 13, 1964

Place of birth:                Lobatse, Botswana

Citizenship:                    Botswana

Career: 1989:               Bachelor of Commerce

    1989 – 2009:                Senior Accountant

    2009 – now                  Full-time researcher;

                                      author, former columnist

Marital status:               Married, with 3 children

Religion born to:           Seventh Day Adventist

Present outlook:          Gnosticism, Sant Mat




L.M. Leteane was a full-time accountant until 2009. The year before, he had discovered that he was able to better-interpret Sumerian terms he found in the works of Zecharia Sitchin, Alan Alford and Michael Tellinger, and this took him on a ten-year journey of full-time research and writing.

Early on, he began testing his discoveries as a newspaper columnist and he wrote over 200 articles in Botswana’s leading newspaper group. A good part of that exercise now forms the backbone of his trailblazing book The Lord’s Secret Timetable…but also including much material never before been seen in print.


Leteane’s greatest feats are:

  • the discovery of an unlocking key to the long-lost “Babel” language that now links just about every language in the world,
  • the discovery of a pre-Flood date-formula by which biblical compilers had adjusted age-old Sumerian and Akkadian dates (the post-Flood date-formula from Shem to Abraham was successfully decoded by Alford)  
  • A seamless new Timeline from Abraham that at last corrects and harmonizes biblical dates with secular history–especially the often-blurry chronology up to the time of Daniel

All this enabled him to make the far-reaching resolutions he came to, that he now shares with the world


L.M. Leteane: Frequently Asked Questions

No. As shown in his resume, he is Gnostic-Christian rather than Judeo-Christian. Indeed, he outlines all the problems with the latter in The Lord's Secret Timetable: why it was designed to deviate from Jesus' original Nazarene teachings that were, in fact, pure Sant Mat (Sanskrit for "Teachings of the Saints").

"Sant Mat" are timeless teachings premised on the worship of "the Word" --a highly misunderstood term...though it was variously called the Logos (Greek for "Coherent Sound"), Bang-i-Asmani (Arabic for "Sound from Heaven"), Shabd (Sanskrit for "Sound Current" or "Audible Life Stream").

It is also Plato's "Music of the Spheres", the Vedas' "Forgotten Music of the Upanishads", etc.--all relating to an unfathomable Sound-and-Light Creator. It's all about what's AUTHENTIC and what is evidently CONTRIVED (as is the case with what the secretive Drivers of Religion had undertaken through Abraham).
As per current conventional definitions, yes. But he aims to change all that through real discoveries never before imagined as possible.

The problem with current scholarship is that it has to cite only "credible" sources. But that is only inside code for "ones approved by our cozy, mutual-backscratching academic network"... ultimately revealed to be driven by the same secretive Drivers of Religion the Author exposes in The Lords Secret Timetable. (More on this in other FAQs).Through a "mainstream" fearful of loss of "credibility", their matrix is now self-policing.

Instead, the Author uses the technique of a wide-scope integration of facts that seek only Truth; that explores and assesses without fear or favor. So, although he dedicated 11 years of fulltime research to attain his tightly interlocking network of facts, he will--in their eyes--remain a "pseudo-scholar"...
Highly unlikely. We would need more empirical evidence. Instead, the Author is inclined to view this as a red-herring created or encouraged by "Drivers of Religion" to help obscure their ancient and highly manipulative hand in our collective history. The Author's own take is this:

Just as certain fossil evidence reveals, Earth has been the site of an extremely ancient but highly advanced civilization of humans with technology far exceeding our present level. This civilization, however, had to endure several known planetary cataclysms. But each time this happened, the astronauts of the epoch, along with the elite they were beholden to, would blast off to the relative safety of space....only to much later return as "beings from the heavens" before awed descendants of the original survivors, now reduced to raw primitiveness.

At first the returnees were content to be regarded as "gods". Later, it became more exciting to play God; to become "Drivers of Religion". It can happen again and again. So, especially now, they do not wish for us to unscramble their real history. So, they keep a tight leash on academia to, in particular, rigorously label and police the "ancient astronaut theory" as "crackpot".

But the Author's new retranslation of the hugely-exposing Enuma Elish (see Free Chapters in Home page) shows this "discredited theory" as alive, factual, and well.
The Author believes in the revered legal maxim of "Let the facts speak for themselves". Facts, once exposed, must be easily self-evident; they must not be a hard-sell. As such, the Autor believes in DEMONSTRATING, rather than trying to PERSUADE or PREACH to readers about his awesome discoveries. As he has noted before, he believes in a wide-scope integration of facts, not just quoting from "credible sources" (see FAQ#2).

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and an exciting, insightful discovery from non-fiction "alternative history" researchers should not be automatically ignored. That's not true scholarship. Indeed, only through his methods was he able to integrate a tightly-interlocking matrix of facts that answered every major problem that remained in his mind.

Also, contrary evidence posited by other sources must not be avoided in the hope that readers won't notice. It must be squarely addressed and treated. And only when the final answer fits and gels seamlessly with all other facts will he put pen to paper. Otherwise, he'd rather tear down everything and begin again. That's "how he rolls". No pet theories. No jealously-guarded provinces. No make-shift compromises. No fear. No favor. Just plain truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.