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In today’s uncertain world, many biblical commentators have associated our difficult times with Revelation’s  end-times. That’s OK.

The problem lies in then miscuing what “apocalypse” fundamentally means, and how John’s Revelation (or more correctly  “The Apocalypse of John“) actually deals with this. The aim of this article is to provide new clarity on the subject.




Unpacking the real meaning of “Apocalypse”

For a very long time now, there’s been a prevailing association of “apocalypse” with “end-time cataclysms”. This is wrong. The error emerged out of two clear distortions of the original Greek meaning..

Firstly, the early Church elected to differentiate “apocalypse” from “apocrypha”. But as  we’ll see, they mean exactly the same thing! Secondly, where it suited them, most commentators tended to pick and choose where to apply  literal interpretations of the frightening images in John’s Revelation…even where John provides clear examples of how to interpret these images and metaphors.

In this article, we find out what the real Apocalypse is, and why it is only now quietly beginning, even as you read this

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